​Explore the traditional villages of Bawomataluo, Hilimondregeraya and Orahili Fa'u. Witness the attraction of Stone Jump and marvel at the ancient stone megaliths of Nias Culture. When you're done, cool off with a dip at Sorake or a hidden waterfall. This tour will explore the history and beauty of Nias Island.

 First Day (Cultural Tourism)

• Our team will pick you up at Gunungsitoli Binaka Airport

• Heading to South Nias via the West coast line stops at the Bitaha Olayama Megalithic Site. Stop at Moale Beach, Lunch is provided on site.

• Head for Sorake & Lagundri Beach to relax watching surfing, as well as coffee breaks.

• Heading to the traditional village of Bawomataluo / Hilimondregeraya / Orahili Fa'u to witness the attraction of Stone Jump

• Check-in at the Hotel

• Prepare for dinner.

• Dinner at a local restaurant in Teluk Dalam

• Back to hotel and take a rest

Second Day (Megalithic Tourism)

• Breakfast at the hotel.

• Heading to Gomo, stop at the Genasi Peak and the Tetegewo megalithic site.

• Towards the Helaowo waterfall / megalithic site Lahusa Idanotae.

• Lunch at the location.

• Return to Gunungsitoli, Coffee Break at Idanogawo

• Check-in at the Hotel.

• Prepare for dinner.

• Dinner at a local restaurant in Gunungsitoli.

• Back to hotel and take a rest

Third Day (City Tour & Transfer Out)

• Breakfast at the hotel.

• Check-out from the Hotel

• Visit the Tumori Traditional Village & Nias Heritage Museum

• Shopping by typical Nias

• Lunch at a local restaurant

• The team will deliver you to Gunungsitoli Binaka Airport

Note : The travel itinerary that we offer is flexible, which can be reordered according to the arrival and return of the participants.

Participants Kabunohi Resort + Kaliki Barriga Hotel + Kaliki SEM Hotel + Nasional Losman Sorake + Museum Lodge
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Air Conditioning AC / Traditional House Non AC / Fan
2 4,900,000 4,300,000 4,200,000 3,950,000 3,500,000
3 4,700,000 3,900,000 3,725,000 3,350,000 3,000,000
4-6 3,700,000 3,150,000 2,900,000 2,700,000 2,500,000
7-10 3,600,000 3,000,000 2,800,000 2,550,000 2,300,000
11-15 3,475,000 2,900,000 2,650,000 2,450,000 2,250,000
16-20 3,300,000 2,800,000 2,500,000 2,300,000 2,100,000
21 Up Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us

T & C:

• Tour dates are determined by the participants themselves "PRIVATE TOUR"

• The above price is the price of Non-High Seasion and non-binding can change at any time

• Up-grade rooms are allowed by paying the difference in room price from a standard room.

• Prices for children (1-3 years) are free without extrabed, and (4-7 years) 75% of the adult price with extra extrabed, 50% of the adult price without using extrabed.

• Transfortasi cars will be adjusted to the number of participants, the cars used are Full AC. (All New Avanza, Kijang Innova, Isuzu Elf Mini Bus)

• Drivers also become tour guides, adjusted to the number of tour participants

• For the arrival of participants it is recommended to take an early morning flight at 07.00 - 10.00 WiB, and take flight at 13.00 - 14: 25.00 WIB for return