One of the beaches that must be visited when visiting Nias Island is Tureloto Beach, located in Balofadorotuho Village, Lahewa District - Nias

One of the beaches that must be visited while on a tour to Nias Island is Tureloto Beach, located in Balofadorotuho Village, Lahewa District - North Nias. Often people call it the Dead Sea of ​​Indonesia which according to reviews some of the sea water media on this beach has a high salt content so people can float there. Even though it's not because of the high salt content that makes people float but because of the position of the sea in the bay and coral clusters that are 400 meters from the shore so they form a lagoon and make the sea water free of large waves so people can easily float there . In any sea people can float as long as they can regulate their breathing patterns when they are on the water.

Tureloto Beach is a unique and very special beach because of a collection of brain-shaped coral reefs that appear on the surface of the sea that formed after the earthquake struck Nias Island in 2005, where the land on the north side of Nias Island rose so that the initially submerged water the sea is exposed to up to 300 meters from the previous coastline.

This beach is a favorite vacation spot for local people who are usually crowded on weekends. Besides being safe to swim because the sea is calm and has soft white sand bottom, the sea water is crystal clear and Tosca blue from a distance. 400 meters from the beach there is a cluster of reefs that can be reached by renting a fishing boat available there, visitors can snorkel while enjoying beautiful coral reefs with a collection of reef fish with various sizes and colors. For those who cannot swim, they can also play sand there while looking at small fish between corals or while watching a group of sea gulls perched on a rock or flying while hunting for food. Every Saturday and Sunday visitors can enjoy grilled fish, meatballs or noodle soup that has a distinctive taste. If you want to enjoy savory lemang, visitors can buy it before arriving at Tureloto. There were sellers of lemang on the roadside passing the bridge before arriving at the Lahewa sub-district center. 

In addition to recreation, Tureloto Beach is also one of the favorite spots for photography lovers. The coral form of the brain and the Tosca blue sea water form a beautiful foreground and exotic background, sunrise can also be witnessed directly from this beach because of its position facing the sunrise.

Tureloto Beach is 63 km from Gunungsitoli City Center or can be reached for ± 2 hours drive.